Another Free Idea

The free ideas page has been updated with a new idea. This idea relates to something that I would personally find very useful, but lack the time to implement. I use both Trac and Subversion for all of my personal software development projects. However, I find adding/removing projects very tedious. What would be very useful is a tool that allows such tasks to be performed via a web-browser.

Using FeedFlare with Silverstripe

This blog now uses FeedFlare to add "sharing" links to the bottom of every blog entry (see the bottom of this blog entry). FeedFlare is a feature of FeedBurner, which is a tool/service designed to help increase traffic to blogs. The idea behind FeedFlare is to make it easy for people to share blog posts with friends. For example, a Digg user can "Digg this" post, simply by clicking on the "Digg this!" link. No need for them to manually copy the URL. People are more likely to do something if it is easy and takes little time.

Month in Review

This website has now been in existence for two months. Over the month of July, the number of pages has increased from 36 to 57. Most of this has been due to blog posts. Writing a blog post takes considerably less effort than adding/updating projects, because they do not require much extra work, other than writing and a bit of research. Added to this, my spare time has been very limited, so I have not had much time to work on my projects. One of the projects has also been held up due to significant technical difficulties (more on that when I it is ready to present). Hopefully this will change in the coming month, as this blog was never meant to be the focus of this website.

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