Blog » Month in Review - January 2009

Month in Review - January 2009

This month has seen a move to a newer, faster server. Just to give an idea of how much difference this makes, Google's search-bot took an average of 2.2 seconds to download a page on the old server, whereas a page download now takes about 0.5 seconds. That's approximately 4 times faster. 

I have finally received my Amigaone, which I had sent to myself from Canada to New Zealand back in November. As a result, the RadeonHD driver for Amiga OS 4.x is progressing again.

There have also been a number of more minor changes. Drop-down menus have been added (plus a few other layout changes) in order to improve this website's usability. Akismet was replaced with math based spam protection. As usual, more content has also been added.

The statistics for the last month:

 Number of Pages
 Size of site 80.0 MiB (HELM provides the total)
 Number of Visits1247 (Google Analytics)
 Number of unique visitors
972 (Google Analytics)
 Total page views
2314 (Google Analytics)
 Bandwidth912.2 MiB (server control panel)
 Adsense Revenue

One important thing to note is that Google Analytics only sees page-views on the public part of the site, whereas AWStats and Webalizer also log the accesses by me to the CMS pages that are used to maintain and update the sit.

A snap-shot of visitor locations on 1 February 2009.



Blog » Month in Review - January 2009

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Blog » Month in Review - January 2009