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Website Hacking Attempts

Since 23 July 2008, there have been attempts to breach this website's security. This page contains the log entries for all of these attempts. More will be added as and when they are noticed. 

These hacking attempts started after signing up to Digg. Possibly the scripts performing the hacking attempts scour Digg, looking for new websites to try out. This could, however,be a coincidence.

Most of the attempts so far appear to be PHP code injection attempts. What exactly these scripts would achieve if successful, is currently uncertain. I would welcome comments from anyone with a better understanding of these hacking attempts. Moreover, if anyone knows of organizations that can be contacted in order to help track these individuals down, please add a comment to this page.

NOTE: I have edited a few of the log entries in order to remove obscenities.

Logged Website Hacking Attempts

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Articles » Website Hacking Attempts