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Filtering GfxBench2D Results

The number of GfxBench2D results has been steadily increasing over time, to the point that sifting through the results is getting a bit unwieldy. It has always been the intention to add ways to filter and analyse the data, but lack of time has prevented these from materialising.

Well, I'll let you in on a little secret: it's possible to filter the GfxBench2D results by motherboard, CPU, and graphics card. Why is it secret? Because the user interface (UI) isn't done. The actual functionality has been there for a while.

Since the UI still is nowhere near done, and the number of results keep rising, here are some quick links to filtered data for the AmigaOS results:

Filter by motherboard:

Filter by CPU:

Filter by graphics card:

Graphics cards are filtered by ID because the names aren't a reliable reference. This does mean that this filter won't be of much use until the UI is available

It is also possible to combine filters. For example, the following link shows results for Pegasos II machines with a Motorola MPC 7447/7457 Apollo CPU:

As said earlier, adding the filtering UI is still planned, as are more methods of analysing the results. In the meantime, the links above should help narrow down the results.


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Benchmark » Benchmark Tool Development Log » Filtering GfxBench2D Results

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  • @Robert

    Thanks for letting me know that the download was broken. It's fixed now.


    Posted by Hans, 16/07/2014 10:00am (10 years ago)

  • Will the Windows version be available for download? Currently there's just an HTTP 403 error.

    Posted by Robert, 06/07/2014 2:50am (10 years ago)

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Benchmark » Benchmark Tool Development Log » Filtering GfxBench2D Results