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GfxBench2D Download

GfxBench2D is a benchmark test tool that measures the 2D performance of graphics cards. Test results from various computers and graphics cards are available online.

Please download the version of GfxBench2D for your operating system:

Once downloaded, simply install the software and run it. There are only a few simple prompts to follow. Uploading results to the online database is optional, but recommended; the more results are uploaded the more useful the information is to everybody.

Thank you for trying out GfxBench2D.

NOTE: Ports of GfxBench2D for other operating systems are planned. If a version for your operating system is not available yet, please be patient. Since I cannot support all operating systems myself, I do plan on setting up a test server so that those willing to help with porting, can do so. However, this is not up and running yet. If you are interested to help out, then please contact me via email.

Source Code

I will be releasing the source-code at some point. However, I still have to decide in what form. If there is sufficient interest from others to help porting then I may set up a Google code project. Otherwise it will be provided as a downloadable archive here. If you are interested to help out, then please contact me via email.

Benchmark » GfxBench2D » GfxBench2D Download