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Operating System: AmigaOS
Produced by: Hyperion Entertainment CVBA
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Download GfxBench2DWelcome to the GfxBench2D results database. GfxBench2D is a benchmark test tool that measures the 2D performance of graphics cards. Download the GfxBench2D software to test your own graphics card(s). Visit the Forum to discuss benchmarks, make suggestions, etc.

The tests are designed to look not only at how fast graphics cards are, but also why (i.e., which operations are fast, and which are slow). This is achieved by measuring the speed of the most common operations at various sizes.


Graphics CardMotherboard/DeviceScreen ModeScore
SiliconMotion 502 Sam460ex 1280×1024@60 (16 bit) 173.27
CVisionPPC BlizzardPPC/A1200 1024×768@75 (32 bit) 163.86
CVisionPPC BlizzardPPC/A1200 1024×768@75 (32 bit) 161.08
CVisionPPC BlizzardPPC/A1200 1280×1024@60 (16 bit) 141.30
CVisionPPC BlizzardPPC/A1200 1280×1024@60 (16 bit) 139.80
CyberVision CyberStormPPC/A4000 1024×768@60 (16 bit) 48.17

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