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The Source-Code Recycling Bin

This page is the dumping ground for source-code from old projects that have been discontinued. Sadly, not every project that I start comes to fruition. Any source-code that I feel may be of use to others from these projects will be made available for download, here. People are free to rummage around in this bin, and pick out anything that they find useful. The hope is that someone will find this code useful, and that it will not go to waste. I only ask that anyone using this code credit me with the work that I have done and/or consider making a donation (the PayPal button is in the left column of this website). Also, please let me know if any of the code becomes a usable product. I would be more than happy to update this page with links to derivative works.

Partial PLIB Port for Amiga OS 4

PLIB is a portable game library that provides a 3D engine, audio, networking, scripting and other funcionality required by games. At this stage, PLIB is getting a little dated (e.g., it does not support shaders). Nevertheless, it is used, amongst others, by the open source flight simulator, FlightGear.

The port is incomplete, at present. The 3D graphics engine and the PSL run-time interpreter are running, along with some of the miscellaneous utilities. There appears to still be some issues with event handling. Audio, networking, etc., are not implemented. 

Important notes:

  • The 3D engine appears to be working properly
  • The single working demo, Simon, requires a lot of stack space in order to run,
  • The Simon astropong demo still has issues; there are unexplained delays, and it simply quits after several seconds, and
  • The header-file dependency script used by the makefile does not work properly on Amiga OS due to it expecting Unix-style paths (it is confused by the ':' used by Amiga OS to denote DOS devices). Until now I have simply overwritten the .deps/*.Po filesto contain "# dummy" every time. This is a rather tedious solution

Click here to download the partially finished Amiga OS 4 port of PLIB.


 The astro-pong script running in PLIB's Simon demo.

Projects » The Source-Code Recycling Bin